Get tips on lighting to improve the video experience. TRANSCRIPT BELOW

"It's so nice to be able to enjoy the perks of technology in its stage today, such as making VRS and video calls. But, as we all know, our signing is still too advanced for our technology. One too many times, I've signed during a call only to find that it wasn't clear on video. I would have to adjust my signing speed and style, making it slower and bigger. You can relate, right? Often, though, the lighting can really improve this scenario. I'm going to share tips on how to improve lighting for your VRS and video calls.

The first one is a fairly common problem: people often have the light on from behind, like the one I have behind me. It's best to move the lamp so that the light is shining on you. Wanna compare the difference?

If you have a lamp as bright as this one, you can turn it downwards. The light will still be reflected off the table surface. Much better; now you won't be distracted by the glare of the light from behind!

Sometimes, however, you have no control over the lighting and don't know how to improve it. If you're using a computer or a laptop, a simple tip is to increase the brightness of your screen. Watch as I demonstrate. Too bright? Okay, that's good. Remember when you took physics in High School? It was well worth it. That's the Law of Reflection being demonstrated right there.

With Convo Mobile, you can make video calls anywhere and on the go, but remember to be sensitive of your surroundings. Deaf people are very visual people and will easily be distracted by anything off in your video screen. Like now, for example, I'm standing in a mix of light and shade. My face is shaded and my chest is much brighter. It's a bit of an eyesore, isn't it? What to do? Go ahead and cover yourself in even lighting. Looks clean! Now you can actually focus on what I'm saying!

Wanna know the secret to the best lighting for your video and VRS calls? Use natural light. It also makes you look good!

But not too much natural light, because the sun can be harsh on your skin, making it bright and shiny. Also, it's hard for me to see you on my phone screen. What you should do is find shade. Now we can see each other!

I'm going to throw in a bonus tip that's not related to lighting, but on how to improve our visibility. See how the jacket I'm wearing closely matches the tone of my skin? Sometimes that can make it difficult for the other person to see you or to understand your signing. What to do? Ta-da! See how the contrast of the color of my shirt and skin makes it much easier to see me and to understand my signing?

I hope that these five tips will help improve the lighting and quality of your VRS and video calls from now on!"