Over the years, I have been asked whether I am deaf or hard of hearing and whether I can actually hear the words when I do my music videos. When I say that I can hear a little with help of my hearing aids, I get bombarded with song requests, thinking that I can hear/sign the words for them. The truth is, I am very very deaf and there are very very few songs that I could follow easily. This video is in no way of saying that its hard being deaf and that I feel sorry for myself or anything remotely like that. This is my way of showing that it takes me time, practice, and patience to get through a song. I love every minute of it and I enjoy the challenge of learning the words and embracing the song itself even if it means I gotta tweak my hearing aids for the millioneth time and blowing my earmolds. This is my journey and thank you for all of your love.



Music, Rosa Lee Show