ASLized is thrilled to publish a new website known as ASLized 3.0 along with new features! The goal is to make it more interactive within the ASL community. Today, I will focus on two things: JASLL and ASLizers.

JASLL is an acronym for Journal of American Sign Language and Literature, a space for scholars who desire to translate and publish their research in ASL. JASLL has guidelines that need to be adhered. For example, if you published your video on a different platform prior to submitting your video, the JASLL committee will be unable to accept your submission. The committee members are more than happy to review your rough draft before your finalization They also will look at your final video if you prefer to proceed without your rough draft. It is important to know that the JASLL committee accepts all topics as long as they are signed in ASL thus the reason for adding "Literature" to JASLL. For example, if science is your speciality and you wish to present it in ASL with citations, then you are free to submit it.

ASLizers is a platform for avid vloggers who bring up ASL-related topics. It is for those who are not interested in presenting formally for the JASLL.

ASLized's newest website brings in numerous visitors, creating a wonderful opportunity for our avid vloggers to increase their fan base.

Again, online interaction through ASLized's updated website is the main goal to bring together the ASL community. If you are interested, feel free to get in touch with them through their contact form at http://aslized.org/contact/. They will be more than happy to help you!

http://aslized.org/jasll and http://aslized.org/aslizers