Sriracha Sauce

1 1/2 pound fresh Red Jalapeño (stemmed, seeded and diced)
8 Garlic Cloves (peeled skin and smashed it)
1/3 Cup Apple Cider Vinegar
3 Tablespoons Tomato Paste (try find lowest % of sodium)
3 Tablespoons Honey
2 Tablespoon Fish Sauce
1 1/2 teaspoons Kosher Salt

To prep the red peppers, use latex or non-latex gloves and process carefully, as seeds contains capsicum which could burn your skins easily by touch. Put everything in blender or food processor and purée it. Pour the raw purée into a sauce pot and simmer. Put aside and let it cool down. You could refrigerate the mix for up to a month.

Shrimp and Rice Noodles with Sriracha

1 pound of Shrimp (recommend to get big jumbo size; U-10)
1 package of Rice Noodle
1 pint of Grape Tomato
1 head of Escarole
3 sprigs of Mint (remove leaves from stem and chopped)

Peel Shrimp then deveine and wash with cold water and strain out. Boil the water in stock pot before put rice noodles in it and stir for few minutes. Strain the noodles. Sautée shrimp with butter and add Sriracha sauce for 4-5 minutes. After that, add grape tomatoes and 1/2 of chopped mints to stir. Upon plating, you put the Escarole leaf on the plate, put rice noodle in center and pour Shrimp with Sriracha on top. Garnish the remain mint on top.