"ASL MacGyver's Trip to Noun & Verb Pairs"- (Full HD animated)- The ASL Interactive lesson of "Noun and Verb Pairs". An educational video created by Federico A. Quintana, M.Ed. ****Please Turn your setting HD on for better viewing)

The video includes:
– 9 Nouns Signs
– 9 Verbs Signs
– A story about the trip
– Vocabulary review
– 10 Easy to Hard Assessment Questions (Quiz) included video M.C.

– Full immersion approach
– English texts are only intended for instructional directions.
– Instructional designs is based on 5 C's under ACTFL, 21st innovative pedagogy research, and technology integration.

21st Century ASL Pedagogy- www.ASLMacGyver.com
Developed, Edited, Produced, and Written by Federico A. Quintana, M.Ed.
2014 © SHC, LLC.