December 20, 2014

!!!!!! Breaking news !!!!

My artist muse….

ASL MacGyver leaves some clues for ASL teachers… Currently, I am off the grind for long term in pursuit to complete the biggest MacGyver project ever and email is the only way to reach me. During my absence from the digital world, please do not hesitate to mangle around my website. True story: without any proper equipment, kinda of running with real life errands but my guerrilla film editing skills seems never disappoint me.

Be right back with the boldest, bigger and beyond as I promised… Ciao, baby ! Long live, ASL MacGyver ! The great legacy of Dr. Micheal Kemp (A loving memory) goes on and without his guide I wouldn't be where I am right now.
The Lonewolf Deaf & ASL Teacher and among many other things.