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“Deaf People: Tell Me More” featuring Bernard Bragg

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Bernard Bragg is a living testament to the impact that deaf artists make on the world. In this week's episode of Tell Me More, he talks about the importance of sign language theater.

April Champion of ASL Leslie C. Greer

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Our April Champion of ASL is Leslie C. Greer. Learn about her incredible life of leadership by watching this video. Download our free April calendar by clicking this link.

“Deaf People: Tell Me More” featuring Shoshannah Stern

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Shoshannah Stern is a noted TV and film actress in Los Angeles. What is life for her like? Find out on the Video Center!

Manejo de Emergencias en Desastres – 5/12/15

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Vengan con nosotros el martes, 12 de mayo para una conferencia sobre Manejo de Emergencias en Desastres en Caguas, PR!

Sean – Beyoutiful – Convo

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Learn more about Sean Virnig and how he uses Convo in his daily life at Sean: I like to tell people that how I see it is, we need to make time, not find time. The only time...

Z5 MAX Blown – Sean Berdy

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If this VP doesn't blow Sean Berdy's mind, what will? Grab your Z5 MAX today! Call 8777.777.9776 or contact your local Z Ambassador.

Deaf Awareness Month Coming September 2015

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Deaf Awareness Month Coming September 2015

Support FL Deaf Bill of Rights – SB 1122!

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Contact your senator and help support Deaf rights today!!

Z Does.

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100% certified interpreters... need we say more? Try us at 888.888.1116! #‎CertifiedInterpreters

Katie Leclerc and Purple in Austin

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Here's a quick look at Katie Leclerc's weekend in Austin with Purple!

Your VRS experience on a new level – Ad – Convo

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Through over a decade of technological advancements in VRS, one thing has always remained the same: the video screen design. We have always seen the Video Interpreter and ourselves. Watch our video to see how we'...

SB 1122 Bill

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A New Milestone – Livestream – Convo

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Deaf History Month – William Stokoe

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Watch this video to learn about William Stokoe, often referred to as the "father of ASL".


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Join in the fun and share your journey on Instagram! #finishtouch

It’s Your Last Chance to WIN a 70″ Smart TV!

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Wow! It's the last week of the Crazy Purple Giveaway! Yes, it's your last chance to refer your Deaf friends who don't use Purple for a chance to win our grand prize of a 70" smart TV! This week'...

Deaf History Month: Artwork Commemorates 135 Years of NAD’s History

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See new artwork that commemorates 135 years of NAD's history.

Deaf History Month – Ben Bahan Interview

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See this informative interview with Gallaudet ASL and Deaf Studies professor Ben Bahan.

Katie’s got March Madness!

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March Madness is here! Purple’s going crazy too with prizes! Refer your Deaf friends who don’t use Purple for a shot!

Sorenson VRS Messenger Newsletter – March 2015

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Sorenson Trainer Cynthia – Contact Photos

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Watch Sorenson Trainer, Cynthia, explain why Contact Photos is her favorite feature. Have you set up this new feature yet?

Tell Me More – Big Mango Cafe

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This successful deaf restaurateur caters to celebrities and pro athletes in Los Angeles. Take a look here and watch the rest of Tell Me More on Video Center to learn more about him!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Purple!

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Be sure to wear purple today!

Apple Notifications

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Do you have ntouch on your Apple device? If so, we have some good news! Check out the video to find out what it is.

March 10, 2015 PR Event

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Como Hacer Una Querella – Mayagüez

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Vangan a este evento en Mayagüez el 12 de Marzo, y aprenda mas sobre como hacer una querella!

Deaf History Month – Martha’s Vineyard

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Watch this "Journeys on the Deaf Path" video to learn about the history of deafness on Martha's Vineyard.

Sorenson Trainer Britta – Call Transfer

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Watch Sorenson Trainer Britta explain why Call Transfer is her favorite feature. Have you tried this new feature yet?

Tell Me More – Alan Hurwitz

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Gallaudet University is currently seeking applications for its nextPresident. What important life experience did the current President, Alan Hurwitz, have as a teenager that gave him the confidence and knowledge to ...

Deaf History Month – Audism

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Watch the video to learn more about audism and how to prevent it.

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