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Sean – Beyoutiful – Convo

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Learn more about Sean Virnig and how he uses Convo in his daily life at Sean: I like to tell people that how I see it is, we need to make time, not find time. The only time...

Your VRS experience on a new level – Ad – Convo

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Through over a decade of technological advancements in VRS, one thing has always remained the same: the video screen design. We have always seen the Video Interpreter and ourselves. Watch our video to see how we'...

A New Milestone – Livestream – Convo

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Rajarajeshwari – Beyoutiful – Convo

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Convo Lights for Philips – Ad – Convo

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#deaftalent – Messages – Convo

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Meet the Convo Interpreters – Messages – Convo

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Get to know our interpreters that you always see behind the screen.TRANSCRIPTWoman: Let me keep a straight face. "I'm Interpreter number 47262."Woman: Ready.Woman: (laughing) Okay. Woman: I've been...

Mara and Jeremy – Beyoutiful – Convo

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Being you is beautiful and you can be yourself with Convo. Learn more at TRANSCRIPT: J: Is my hair sticking out?Mara: You see, my family’s big on music. My parents and family strongly encouraged me ...

New Year Resolutions 2015 – Message – Convo

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2015, we're ready for you! TRANSCRIPT below. "It’s now January 2011…2012…2013…2015. Wait, what happened to the year 2014? We at Convo feel like at the start of last year, we took a blink… and opened our eye...

Real Interpreter to honor Nelson Mandela

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One year ago today, a fake interpreter stood onstage during the honorable Nelson Mandela’s memorial service, denying the Deaf community our access to the speeches and stories that were shared.Today, we are  honoring...

Open Chat With Jeff: VRS, It’s Your Call

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Tell us about your VRS experience – Open Chat with Jeff – Convo

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Tune in to our Open Chat at and join the convo with #OpenChatConvo.

Thank you from Convo!

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Open Chat with Jeff: It’s Your Call.

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7:30pm EST - Tuesday, Dec 9th - you satisfied with your VRS experience? If not, how could it improve for you? The VRS industry is going through some changes with FCC's Reform, rate cut...

Open Chat with Jeff: Impact of VRS Reform on Video Interpreters

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Recorded live on Oct 29, 2014.

Talking about Art with David Call – Feature – Convo

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David Call is a Teaching Artist at California School for the Deaf, Fremont. Take a look inside his artsy world at home and at school.

Who is the next artist? – Ad – Convo

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Home with Convo Lights – Ad – Convo

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Show your colors. Get Convo Lights today at!

Rochester Call Center Renovation – Messages – Convo

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Convo Lights Sweepstakes Drawing – Messages – Convo

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Announcing the winner of our Convo Lights Sweepstakes! If you would like to buy Convo Lights for yourself, please go to

Convo Lights – Ad – Convo

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Convo Lights gives you a completely new smart lighting technology. Now you can customize incoming calls with colors of your choice, decide which rooms you want to brighten up, and let it communicate any missed calls...

FCC ASL Consumer Support Line – FCC – Convo

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TRANSCRIPT: Greetings, my name is Jeff Rosen. I'm the General Counsel for Convo Relay. FCC (Federal Communication Commission) has been advocating services which support the deaf, such as captioning on TV and the...

What is Neutral Platform? – Open Chat with Jeff – Convo

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A clip from Convo's Open Chat with Jeff: Neutral Platform & Government-run VRS. Watch the full video to learn more.

Neutral Platform and Government-run VRS – Open Chat with Jeff – Convo

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(Transcript in comments)Chapters: 1: What is Neutral Platform?2: Introducing Ed Bosson3: Question 1 (Video) Why does the government want to run VRS?4: Question 2 (Twitter) @xoSheri - Why couldn't @fcc expand on ...

Live Chat Tomorrow (April 24, 2014) – Open Chat with Jeff – Convo

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TRANSCRIPTJeff: Hello! Tomorrow at 3 EST, we will have a live chat about Neutral Platform, which is a government-run VRS that FCC will establish. What is it? How will it work? Who will build it? All of this will be ...

What Came After VRS Fraud? – Open Chat with Jeff – Convo

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Have questions for Jeff today? You can:* Comment on Facebook with #OpenChatConvo* Tweet with #OpenChatConvo* Leave a video message at 855-245-0124

Through Convo Mobile – Ad – Convo

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This commercial was shot entirely on iPhone 5s with an entirely Deaf team. No April Fool's joke here! Learn more about the story behind this commercial here:[Te...

Introducing Jeff Rosen – Messages – Convo

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A longtime attorney and advocate for Deaf, civil, and human rights, Jeff Rosen joins Convo as General Counsel and Chief of Strategy Officer. Jeff was recently appointed by President Obama to be chairperson of Nation...

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