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ASL Nook – Human Body in ASL

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Learn more about the human body - with play-doh and ASL.

ASL Nook – Weather in ASL

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This video is about Weather Clips

ASL MacGyver’s Time Travel

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The ASL's law of physic for using a timeline. **Entertainment/Artwork**Designed, created, edited and produced byFederico A. Quintana, M.Ed."ASLMacGyver"® Registered Trademark and al...

Deaf vs Hearing Cerebral Meta-Analysis

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a USEFUL video to help hearing learners that ASL isn't a gestural language and ASL MacGyver shows em' the difference ! Research based pedagogy to teach both L1 and L2 ASL smarter for the 21st century learne...

ASL Nook – Numbers 1-20 in ASL

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Count with us at ASL Nook!

Cognitive Learning in ASL

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HD lesson video by ASL MacGyver. Let your cognition do the learning and ENJOY the free ASL Lesson (30 signs). Differentiation techniques and other research based pedagogy to teach ASL smarter for the 21st century le...

ASL Nook – Daily Routines in ASL

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Join the family during their family routines at the same time learn how to sign the common routines.

ASL MacGyver’s Lesson: 3D Space in ASL Timeline

1.09K Views0 Comments"ASLMacGyver"® Registered Trademark and all rights reserved.© "21st Century American Sign Language Pedagogy" , 2015. All rights reserved.


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Signed by Laurene SimmsGo to

ASL Nook – Family Episode

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Join our nook to learn the signs for all of your family members.

Futuristic VR tour in Gallaudet

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short promo verison- (computer generated special effects/digital visual art media)Designed, edited and produced by Federico A. Quintana, M.Ed."ASLMacGyver"® Registered Trademark and al...

Virtual Reality Tour in Gallaudet Campus

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(computer generated special effects/digital visual art media)100% solo work- ASL MacGyver are at work. Designed, edited and produced by Federico A. Quintana, M.Ed."ASLMacGyver"® Regis...

New ASL MacGyver’s intro trailer video (HD)

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HD version of new ASL MacGyver's home page introduction video after so many edits and revisions in path of completion the brand evolution process. Wielded the mission goals, visions and the purposes altogether r...

ASL MacGyver’s New Introduction Theme

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ASL Nook – Calendar in ASL

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This video, from ASL Nook, is about the Calendar and holidays - all in American Sign Language. Love this video? Check our other videos on!

Makeup, hair accessories, and jewelry by ASL Nook

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Join Ivy and her mom, Sheena, in learning ASL for makeup, hair accessories, and various jewelry.

ASL 1 Minute Timer

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Free ASL #1-60 countdown/timer for any instructional or game activities.By Federico A. Quintana,"ASLMacGyver"® Registered Trademark and all rights reserved.© "21st Century Ame...

ASL Nook – How the Grinch Stole Christmas ASL Version

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A five year old girl retells How Grinch Stole Christmas all in ASL. Shaylee plays all characters well especially Grinch and Cindy Lou. Come and learn some new signs here at ASL Nook.

ASL Nook – Zoo Animals

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Time to know the signs for all the zoo animals. Are you ready?

ASL Nook – Sea Animals

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It is about time that ASL Nook does an episode all about sea animals. Do you want to know how to sign whale, fish, crab, and seal? Now is the time for you to learn so many animal signs! For more videos from ASL Nook...

ASL Nook – School in ASL

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ASL Nook's video all about school. In this video, the family teaches signs such as school, teacher, art, math, and science! Come and learn ASL with us.

ASL Nook Disney in ASL

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Are you ready to take a journey with us to the most magical place? In this magical video, you will learn how to sign for different Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, and the Disne...

ASL Nook – Sports in ASL

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Sports has captured our minds, hearts, and now our hands. Learn all the major sports signs along with a few action words with our special guest, Ryan Lane!Ryan Lane is well known for starring on a TV Show called ...

ASL Nook – Dance and Music in ASL

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This time you will not only move your hands, but your whole body! Get ready for our upcoming and exciting episode all about dancing! This is the first time we are featuring 2 special guests from HipZu Funk (Deaf per...

ASL Nook – Food in ASL

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Are you hungry for more food or signs? You betcha! Join ASL Nook in picking up signs for different food such as cracker, vegetable, fruit, and many more. There are more ASL videos via

ASL MacGyver’s Numbers Lesson

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The full lesson video on ASL Numbers #11-20 & #21-30, turn HD on for better viewing and ENJOY learning ASL ! By Federico A. Quintana,"ASLMacGyver"® Registered Trademark and all...

ASL 2 Project Ideas

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Turn HD on for better viewing and audio included for general hearing educators. Instructor: Federico A. Quintana, M.Ed.

ASL Nook – Around the House in ASL

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Know your way around the house by picking up signs for some of the rooms and common things we use on a daily basis. Join Shaylee on a tour of her home. For more ASL Nook videos, please stop by

ASL Nook – Colors in ASL

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There are so many colors in this is the time for you to learn them in sign language! For more ASL Nook videos, please visit us at

ASL Nook – ABC Signs

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A must for all ASL beginners! Learn the signs for all the alphabet so you can catch more things. Watch a family of four signing the ABCs plus some words that goes with each letter of the alphabet. When you know your...

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