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The Animal Signs

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HD promo for new product of 21st Century ASL Pedagogy presenting the "Animal Signs" Coloring Book for kids (ASL and Deaf Education classrooms)Downloadable E-book (20 animal signs) at: https://www.teachersp...


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My self-altered is getting little too real, playing around with a new composition techniques for integrating the hands and visual media art (movie editing FX effect- real arms with animated face to chest )- Created ...

ASL 3-Word Rhyme Story by Federico A Quintana, M Ed

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A book with 3-word rhyme story about the animals using ASL to save the day ! by Federico A. Quintana, M.Ed.

New ASL MacGyver’s intro trailer video (HD)

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HD version of new ASL MacGyver's home page introduction video after so many edits and revisions in path of completion the brand evolution process. Wielded the mission goals, visions and the purposes altogether r...

“THE ASL 3-D Point-Of-View Movie” Educational Video: ASL Classifiers

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Created by Federico A. Quintana. A true ASL MacGyverism. ( Gloss/list of classifier signs for this video, click the link here:

ASL 1 Minute Timer

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Free ASL #1-60 countdown/timer for any instructional or game activities.By Federico A. Quintana,"ASLMacGyver"® Registered Trademark and all rights reserved.© "21st Century Ame...

ASL MacGyver’s Numbers Lesson

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The full lesson video on ASL Numbers #11-20 & #21-30, turn HD on for better viewing and ENJOY learning ASL ! By Federico A. Quintana,"ASLMacGyver"® Registered Trademark and all...

21st Century Technology for ASL Story-telling

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The actual demonstration of future technology integration for ASL instructions."ASLMacGyver"® Registered Trademark and all rights reserved.© "21st Century American Sign Language Pe...


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Quintana family album video- July 2014

Futuristic VR tour in Gallaudet

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short promo verison- (computer generated special effects/digital visual art media)Designed, edited and produced by Federico A. Quintana, M.Ed."ASLMacGyver"® Registered Trademark and al...

Cognitive Learning in ASL

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HD lesson video by ASL MacGyver. Let your cognition do the learning and ENJOY the free ASL Lesson (30 signs). Differentiation techniques and other research based pedagogy to teach ASL smarter for the 21st century le...

Communicating in Gravity Zero: An interactive VGC excerise

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A warm up ASL class excerise to engage in the Visual Gesture communication/Classifier beyond our imaginations in a outer space and underwater !!! Turn on HD for better viewing and enjoy ! Developed and produced by ...

The ASL NEWS Journal

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The journal worksheet activity comes in a newspaper format for ASL L1 and L2 students to describe about his/her visual observation by answering the 5 prompting questions. More info & Link to TPT: https://www.tea...

ASL Lesson:2D and 3D Shapes

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Video and artwork created by ASL MacGyver. Sit back and enjoy the new visual dimensional shapes of ASL ! An unique visual 3-D language...ASL Visual Exercise video developed by Federico A. Quintana, M.Ed.2014 © SHC...

Graphic Organizer Template for 5 Parameters of ASL (HD-Demo/Tutorial)

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A breakthrough research by 21st Century American Sign Language, a new era of ASL Education, brings you the interactive ASL activity for your students to engage in the 5 parameters of ASL in accordance with ACTFL'...

The Mutli meaning ASL word and sign

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A quick lesson to clarify the confusion about using "LEFT" with different meanings. Turn HD on for better viewing and ENJOY ! TPT Link:"( Century ASL Pedag...


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PowerPoint slides are automated 5 seconds each. You can pause between the slides at anytime ! This is a private video and it won't be released to the public till after the conference ends. Thank you for the oppo...


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Spending time with my whole little Deaf family at the family and at the same playing with my new camera (D3300 Nikon). (Family Album Video)


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More information:


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For the first time, we are able to predict the future events by using 100% of ASL without any printed English texts! ASL MacGyver proudly present a new product of 21st century ASL Pedagogy which makes the learn...

ASL MacGyver’s New Introduction Theme

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Welcome to ASL MacGyver’s ASL Classroom !

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3 Steps of ASL Classifiers

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The 21st Century American Sign Language Pedagogy presents a beautiful visual poster of the new visual ASL pedagogical technique/method:"3 Steps: Draw it, Mold it, and Animate it!" - a learning tool....Desi...

The 1 Sign- ASL for Toddler (FULL)

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A full version of experimental editing technique of "The 1 Sign" Created for my deaf Federico A. Quintana, M.Ed. A.k.a ASL MacGyver.

ASL MacGyver Promo Video

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please visit me at:

ASL Classifiers- The Hologram (HD)

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ASL MacGyver's ASL Lesson: Teaching ASL Classifiers using the holographic techniques to explicitly show a variety of classifier handshapes representing different categories of objects or persons.Please set HD vi...


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About time to get spooked! ASL MacGyver made a video for ASL teachers to use in their classroom for fun Halloween activity. Reminder: It is an HD video and you can pause it anytime during the class activity! My gif...


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Turn HD on for better viewing and enjoy ! More info at: ( 21st Century ASL PedagogyCreated by "ASL MacGyver" a.k.aFederico A. Quintana, M.Ed.2015 © SHC, LLC.www.ASL...


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The 1 Sign (short version)

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A short version of experimental editing technique of "The 1 Sign" Created for my deaf Federico A. Quintana, M.Ed. A.k.a ASL MacGyver. FULL verison for public viewing:

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