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(HD) ASL MacGyver’s “Call for Papers” Proposal for ASLTA 8th Biennial Conference

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Workshop Presentation PropsalThe ASL MacGyver’s “No Smart Board"- The Whiteboard for ASL Teaching and Learning Activitiesby Federico A. Quintana,, M.Ed. The proposed presentation topic will be focused on adap...


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Spending time with my whole little Deaf family at the family and at the same playing with my new camera (D3300 Nikon). (Family Album Video)


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For the first time, we are able to predict the future events by using 100% of ASL without any printed English texts! ASL MacGyver proudly present a new product of 21st century ASL Pedagogy which makes the learn...

ASL Comic Strip The 8th Innings of Classifiers

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The newest way to learn the 8 types of ASL classifiers through comic story-telling techniques based on 21st century pedagogy research. Get your first series of ASL lesson comic strip at: http://www.teacherspayteac...

ASL Classifier The Hologram (CC-Subtitle)

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ASL MacGyver's ASL Lesson: Teaching ASL Classifiers using the holographic techniques to explicitly show a variety of classifier handshapes representing different categories of objects or persons.Please set HD vi...

ASL Classifiers- The Hologram (HD)

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ASL MacGyver's ASL Lesson: Teaching ASL Classifiers using the holographic techniques to explicitly show a variety of classifier handshapes representing different categories of objects or persons.Please set HD vi...


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December 20, 2014!!!!!! Breaking news !!!!My artist muse....ASL MacGyver leaves some clues for ASL teachers... Currently, I am off the grind for long term in pursuit to complete the biggest MacGyver project ever a...

ASL Interactive Lesson Noun and Verb Pairs

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"ASL MacGyver's Trip to Noun & Verb Pairs"- (Full HD animated)- The ASL Interactive lesson of "Noun and Verb Pairs". An educational video created by Federico A. Quintana, M.Ed. ****Plea...

ASL Video “A Road Trip to the Space”

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3-D Point of view movie part 2- an artistic/poetic ASL video about a road trip to the space. Video and edited by Federico A. Quintana, M.Ed. 2014 © SHC,


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My self-altered is getting little too real, playing around with a new composition techniques for integrating the hands and visual media art (movie editing FX effect- real arms with animated face to chest )- Created ...

ASL Lesson:2D and 3D Shapes

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Video and artwork created by ASL MacGyver. Sit back and enjoy the new visual dimensional shapes of ASL ! An unique visual 3-D language...ASL Visual Exercise video developed by Federico A. Quintana, M.Ed.2014 © SHC...


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About time to get spooked! ASL MacGyver made a video for ASL teachers to use in their classroom for fun Halloween activity. Reminder: It is an HD video and you can pause it anytime during the class activity! My gif...

New Five Parameters of ASL (HD Video)

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The 21st Century ASL Pedagogy are at work ! ASL MacGyver re-designed the new method for 5 parameters of ASL with fully visual approach without using an English text descriptions unlike the traditional one. www.ASLM...

“Finding the Topic Comment in the Story Picture”

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"Finding the Topic Comment in the Story Picture" By ASL MacGyver (Federico A. Quintana, M.Ed) - Another short and cool instructional video about how T-C in ASL grammar works by describing an event of the s...

SVO to OSV ASL Word Order: Real Time Visual Interpretation

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The short and cool video about how ASL word order works. Just sit back and enjoy the video by ASL MacGyver. Make sure turn HD on for better viewing !


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PowerPoint slides are automated 5 seconds each. You can pause between the slides at anytime ! This is a private video and it won't be released to the public till after the conference ends. Thank you for the oppo...

ASL MacGyver the Muse

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Who opened the cage and unleashed the beast of deaf genius ??What are his intentions ? He is the muse who just came into the life last July, 2014, an artist's phenomenal transition of self-altered ego and doin...

My ASL Classifier Doodle E-workbook

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The “My ASL Classifier Doodles Book” e-workbook includes 60 Doodle Templates (handshapes with different levels of challenges) that you can use again and again. Simply print them out, grab a pen or pencil and start d...

ASL MacGyver’s Magic Cards Mind Reader

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ASL MacGyver's unlimited resourceful mind presents a mind blowing ASL magic cards mind reader. Pick your card, memorize the handshape and deck symbol. Great for sign receptive practice and ASL memory game ! Lea...


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More information:


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Quintana family album video- July 2014

Introduction to ASL Sign Handshape Spinner

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Handshape Spinner & Generator

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Created by Federico A. Quintana, M.Ed.

ASL MacGyver’s ASLTA DFW Video Teaser

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One Eye ASL story

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ASL Storyteller Federico A. Quintana, M.Ed.- Inspired by "The One Eye" English short story.

“THE ASL 3-D Point-Of-View Movie” Educational Video: ASL Classifiers

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Created by Federico A. Quintana. A true ASL MacGyverism. ( Gloss/list of classifier signs for this video, click the link here:

Welcome to ASL MacGyver’s ASL Classroom !

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ASL MacGyver’s Promotion: ASL Curriculum for High School

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Coming soon in 2015 !!

ASL MacGyver Promo Video

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