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Filmed at
Delaware School for the Deaf

Andy Macedo
Asia Stoner
Chris Reeves
Daisy Perez
Emely Pacheco

A' nyia Brown
Brandon Bentley
Gavin Nutto
Indi Robinson
Juan Banda
Kaya Cortes
Shomari Starling
Tylee Thomas
Enrique Martinez-Sandoval
Jayanna Henry
Alaina Solazzo
Yesenia Morales
Wally Parsinitz
The DSD Blue Hawk!

Dominic Hecker
Hailey Henshaw
Harsh Shah
Johnetta Lewis
Kayla O’Brien

Special Thanks to:
Jay Innes, Interim Director
Mary Hicks, Coordinator
Matthew Bezaire, Technology
Roger Phipps, Technology
DSD Staff and Students
DSD Cafeteria Staff

Special Thanks to
Sean Forbes
Adrean Mangiardi
Mark Levin
Teddy Dorsette III

D-PAN Workshop 2015