Deaf Professional Arts Network

Every year, D-PAN hosted a 3 days weekend workshop in Michigan to teach deaf students between the age of 10 to 18 on how to shoot a music video. It is a great hands-on experience for the youths to grow and expand their creativity, teamwork, leadership, and work ethic.

At the end of the workshop, the students screened their music video in front of their staff and parents and the end result was amazing! The parents were full of joy to see what their kids have done and gave D-PAN a huge praise! The D-PAN team truly enjoyed working with these students and would love to do more!

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D-PAN Weekend 2015

Directed by
Mimi Feinland

Assistant Directors
Jamar Rickett
Jay Patel

Camera Operator
JaQuai Williams

Tianna Dudley
Noah Rangel

Katie Davis
Khyiana Tate
Christian Hamby
Mimi Feinland
Alexa Rodriguez
Noah Rangel
Alexis Smith
Julianne Hay
Thlfaa Ganem
Fandah Saeed
Jayson Leonard
Olajuwon Waddell
JaQuai Williams
Shea Golf

Staff of
Holley Family Villiage:
Ardis Gardella
Christian Young
Heather Johnson
Kathy Derderian
James Allen
Judy Lowrie
Jane Fijal
Roman Imielowski
Monica Imielowski

D-PAN Team:
Sean Forbes
JoJo Forbes
Rosina Mae
Mark Levin
Theodore Dorsette III
Adrean Mangiardi

Sue Hamby
Ava Fradkin

Special Thanks:
Staff of
Holley Family Village
D-PAN Team

Shot at
Holley Family Village
Brooklyn, MI

D-PAN Workshop 2015