Published on Sep 14, 2014

Transcript (h/t Dunn, Burnett, Analco and Analco)

1st screen: ASL STORY 1 to 11 "Love lasts forever" by Renca Dunn, Brandon Burnett, Casey and Colin Analco

2nd screen: Note: We participated with the ASL 1 to 11 challenge individually, but our stories were intentionally connected. We put this together upon request. (Transcript provided below)

First: Renca Dunn

1. Walk-walk, wonder, long-time, ask me? walk-walk, wonder, (2nd hand_ walk walk, (both hands) meet. (left hand) laugh, smile, laugh, heart-beat. laugh.
2. (both hands) look at each other. walk together. looking around. looking at each other. looking around. look-cute! ears legs of a dog running. looking at each other. look around. walk-walk. sit-on bench. look around. sitting and looking. one is looking at the other person. person gets up. stand. look.
3. get down on knees. propose with ring.
4. propose
5. want marry me future now and on? (2nd hand) wow!
6. worry worry little!
7. of course!
8. connect!
9. look. ring put on finger. perfect!
10. together. love. together. can.
11. forever.

(transition to 2nd: Brandon Burnett)

1. Hand-ring, I wonder
2. Look-back (remember)
3. 33 years
4. Altogether
5. Spend-spend, wow
6. W-O-W
7. 7 of us
8. Connected
9. Perfectly! Definitely
10. Last forever, for sure!

(transition to 3rd: Colin Analco)

1. Old-bent-down, walk, walk
2. Look at each other
3. Sit-down
4. Look at photo book
5. Pictures, 5 children, finish-grow up, went college, finish marry, children have many, wow, look at photo book, eyes getting watery
6. Tears swelling up
7. Stand up
8. *wow, amazing (this sign is a slang for these words)
9. Eyes look
10. Hug
11. Tears falling down

(transition to 4th: Casey Analco)

1. Tears falling down, picture book
2. Look at picture book, at each other, back at picture book, look-back
3. Heart-swelling up, sitting-down
4. Looking-back, smooth hair, smile showing teeth, batting eye lashes
5. Hair flowing down, hands holding together
6. Water nearby flowing
7. Looking at water
8. *wow, amazing
9. Curious
10. 10 years
11. Later, happen what?

10. Later, 10 years?
9. I do not know
8. Me curious too
7. Look at water
6. Water
5. Enjoy, beautiful sunset, hair flowing down
4. Batting eyelashes, smooth hair, smile with teeth
3. Sitting down, heart-swelling (beating)
2. Look at each other, look at photo album, remember
1. Look inside heart, always