Greetings, my name is Jeff Rosen. I'm the General Counsel for Convo Relay. FCC (Federal Communication Commission) has been advocating services which support the deaf, such as captioning on TV and the Internet, texting 911, conferences that focus on the future of people with disabilities, and more. The current Chairperson, Tom Wheeler, is a strong leader committed to disability rights. He has a family member with a disability and he is understanding and inclusive. When ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) was founded in 1990, almost 25 years now, the idea of VRS (Video Relay Service) was nonexistent. There was only relay through TTY. However, FCC recognized the critical importance of deaf people being able to communicate in their own natural language. It was also essential to include ASL in telecommunications, so FCC supported the establishment of VRS. The growth of VRS has changed our lives. FCC continues their commitment to support ASL in communications by opening an ASL Consumer Support Line. You can now make video calls to a deaf FCC employee using ASL for government businesses such as filing a complaint about the quality of telecommunications relay service. You can also discuss with FCC about unsatisfactory captioning on TV or lack of emergency information provided to you, do not call registry or many other possible reasons. The certain regulations that FCC enforces are now available for deaf people in our own language, ASL. Convo applauds FCC for their support and we look forward to continuing this effort to improving the communication between deaf people and the government. For more information about ASL Consumer Support Line, see the next slide. Convo continues to work for and support the deaf community in its advancement of opportunities for the future.

[Text on screen] FCC ASL Consumer Support Line
Call 844-432-2275
or 202-810-0444