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Andrew Phillips, the Policy Counsel at the NAD shares some good news from the FCC on video clips.

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Video description and Transcript:

Video fades to soft blue and white background with the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) logo centered.

Video fades to white then fades to Andrew Phillips inside the NAD Headquarters' front lobby.

ANDREW: Greetings! The NAD is thrilled to share with you all that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced a new rule, online video clips must be captioned. Some of you may remember, back in 2010 the Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA) was passed. The CVAA requires all programs and videos shown on TV with captions to have captions when shown online. However, the FCC exempted video clips from coverage under the CVAA. Video clips are a snippet or a small part of an entire program or video and are available on the Internet. Our community have long been frustrated with limited access to online video clips such as all-important news clips. The FCC decided to reverse the exemption, thanks to Chairman Wheeler and the other Commissioners — they all voted in favor of requiring captions on video clips. We look forward to improved access on the Internet! With new coverage of video clips, the FCC has created some rules and compliance deadlines. By January 1, 2016, all online video clips taken directly from TV must be captioned. There are some "phase-in" and "sunset" rules, and the NAD will continue to push and ensure that equal access to captioning is achieved online. We do not want to see any deadlines extended causing further delay for the video clips to be captioned. We would like to thank Senator Pryor and Senator Markey for their strong support in pushing for this reversal.

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