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HAMILL - Official Teaser

HAMILL is a true story based on the life of deaf UFC fighter Matt Hamill.
  • Producer: Joseph McKelheer and Eben Kostbar
4 years, 2 months ago
Wow that is a great Film about Hamill and hope more story and also Deaf Community..Cheer!!!! This is Evelio Arteaga from Guines,Habana,Cuba.I live now for 30 Yrs in Miami and I am Black Belt 3 degree Karate and Judo Brown Belt 1st Degree.I was a champion 1st Nation 1978-79 in Holquin,Oriente,Cuba near Guam,I won againist hearing in 1st Place in Kata=Forms tech and 3th Place in light Weigh. I was a former Teacher Karate & Judo and shortly Secrete Service temporarly,Then I moved to America for my free Country.I was very secret to come to the America from Cuba goverment looked at me,but they was unable to search me the reason I have another ways secret and a big story...I wont tell more you will feel hurt of my Personal,if you want to met me and someone Specialist Film Maker I will explaine more whole of my Life.Cuba is very serious againist me because I called a traitor to my members of communist.After 17 yrs not seeing Family.I visited Cuba 4 times they cannot find me and stayed 3 weeks.It is my amazing called "Deaf Spirit in Secret Martial Arts" If you are interesting in me and contact us email me
4 years, 4 months ago
Wow. Looks really good. Feels like a Hollywood movie, for reals. Can't wait to see it!

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