Purple wishes you all a very Happy Independence Day! We wanted to share a July 4-themed ABC story by Don Lee with you all to celebrate this special day.

A- Celebrating

B- Saluting

C- Setting up fireworks

D- Fireworks launching

E- Fireworks smoking

F- People's eyes watching the launch

G- Fireworks ascending high in the sky

H- Fireworks exploding

I- Independence!

J- Fireworks streams from the explosion

K- Keep

L- Liberty/Loyalty/Statute of Liberty

M- Stripes on the American Flag

N- Flag waving

O- Holding the flag pole

P- People

Q- Lined up

R- Ready

S- Saved

T- Drumming while marching

U- Universe

V- Looks

W- World

X- Recognizes

Y- US system/America's shape

Z- Celebration