PSAC2014 Chair Duane Halliburton (Class of 1985) invites the community to participate in open forums and the online survey.

Video description:

The video opens with a slide of the Gallaudet University logo on a white background. The logo has the words Gallaudet University in blue capital letters — Gallaudet appears in larger letters above the word 'university'. Above the word Gallaudet two arc lines in buff that start from two different points above the 'G' and 'A', coming together to one point over the 'T'. (Buff and blue are the school colors).

Duane Halliburton, chair of the Presidential Search Advisory Committee (PSAC) 2014 and member of the Gallaudet University Board of Trustees signs the vlog (transcript below) Mr. Halliburton has medium brown skin, close cropped short hair, and a trim mustache. He is wearing a dark colored business suit with white shirt and pink tie. He is also wearing a watch and a gold ring. A brown screen background is behind him. His demeanor is calm, relaxed, and friendly. He also smiles a few times during the presentation. A banner identifying him as chair of the PSAC appears at the start of his vlog presentation.

Midway through Mr. Halliburton's presentation the email address for the appears at the bottom of the screen:

The final images of the video show the Gallaudet University logo on a white background with the PSAC web address on one slide, followed by a slide with the Gallaudet University logo and the PSAC email address:


Hello, Friends of Gallaudet. My name is Duane Halliburton and I am the Chair of the Gallaudet University Presidential Search Advisory Committee 2014.

As you know, Gallaudet University has begun its national search for the University's next President. The next President will be assuming the University's top leadership role from current President, Dr. Alan Hurwtiz, who will conclude his service in December 2015.

The next President will have a remarkable opportunity to build on the strengths of Gallaudet University; working with its faculty, staff, students, alumni, donors, partners, and friends to advance a strategic vision for the University's future. The PSAC2014 Committee invites all you to participate in building that future.

We have scheduled four forums throughout the month of November to give you the opportunity to share your thoughts about the role of the next President, both in the community and as the reprensentative of Gallaudet University to the world.

We have also developed an online survey to collect thoughts from a variety of stakeholders on their view of the opportunities, challenges, and desired experience needed for the next President. The survey can be found on the Gallauet PSAC2014 webpage. The deadline to participate in the survey is November 19.

Please know that at any time you may email the committee at to share your thoughts and ideas on the Presidential search process or to suggest candidates for President.

In closing, as we prepare to develop this job description for our next president, please do let us know if you know of someone who would make a great Gallaudet University president. Until next time, thank you on behalf of PSAC 2014.