Workshop Presentation Propsal
The ASL MacGyver’s “No Smart Board"- The Whiteboard for ASL Teaching and Learning Activities
by Federico A. Quintana,, M.Ed.

The proposed presentation topic will be focused on adapting the whiteboard technology for ASL instructions and various ways to deliver the lessons/activities in accord with ACTFL’s 90% on using the” Targeted Language”. The 21st century already took a place in our ASL classrooms, a powerful teaching tool is the whiteboard and it is right under our noses without realizing it. The whiteboard technology revolution had shaped the way we teach in all subject areas except for ASL instructions. ASL MacGyver is here to show you how to flip and maximize your whiteboard’s potential instructional advantages for adapting the ASL classroom activities with the creative and innovative ways to rationalize and effectively delivering the ASL lessons or activities using the basic technology equipment such as an LCD projector, a wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, manipulative materials and a dry eraser marker on the whiteboard. Supercharging your whiteboard will bring many unseen benefits and transform to an interactive “ASL friendly format” which the whiteboard technology helps students visualize concepts, it is one of the biggest advantages over more traditional classroom presentation methods and even you can combine both ways.

21st Century ASL Pedagogy
Created by "ASL MacGyver" a.k.a
Federico A. Quintana, M.Ed.
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