Special Announcement
by Jonathan Kessel
2014, September 1st
[Video Transcript: White beard male with long brown hair. Wearing black tank top with "CALIFORNIA" on it. Signing 1 to 20 in kitchen.
1- Erica and I have an announcement, since we
2- had two animals (Yolo and Capri)
3- now its three animals
4- check it out
5- cool? its a pig! he is nice, friendly, scared and nervous when people are near, and squeals when pick him up. Its how it is, give him a time.
6- he's sweet though
7- the name is BACON!
8- interesting?
9- he's 9 weeks old. If you think its nothing to
10- kill him behind my back
11- grilling him
12- skewering him
13- eating the bacon
14- think we r that easy?
15- I will do a wrestling move on you
16- grill you
17- skewer you
18- and you will be delicious
19- you have been warned
20- understand? *smiles*
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Jonathan Kessel