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TRANSCRIPT: J: Is my hair sticking out?

Mara: You see, my family’s big on music. My parents and family strongly encouraged me to play the piano. I performed on a tour in the Philippines. I played from age 6 to 25. The truth is, playing the piano was never my passion. I only played for my family. I decided to stop pursuing playing the piano to be able to focus on fashion. I don’t regret this decision.

Jeremy: ASL is a beautiful language and it’s why I want to start a business in ASL. I want to pass on my style, just like other people using ASL have their own styles. It’s like with kung fu and its various styles that are passed on. I want the same for ASL, for different styles to be passed on. By being able to recognize the origin of specific ASL styles, we’d be preserving the language.

Jeremy: Many people see how our dynamic, working skills, and creativity go hand in hand. We go back and forth, side by side, instead of doing our own thing apart. It’s like a dance, we’re tangoing together while communicating with one another. I’m very happy.

Mara: Don’t forget to add that we did actually dance together.

Mara: When I’m here at home, working away… Jeremy would know how busy and focused I was, so he’d put the lights on for me. When I see that, I know it’s his way of reminding me that he loves me and to…

Jeremy: To give you a push!

Mara: To give me a push!

Mara: My color’s pink, of course. I love pink.

Jeremy: I’m hooked on Convo’s green, ever since I saw their Lights. The quality feel of Convo and their mentality of “we”, “us”, and “because we understand”. I chose that same green for my lights. I’m just loyal like that.

Mara: Being you defines who you are.

Jeremy: Being yourself is when you’re enjoying and liking what you do.

Jeremy: Who I am…

Mara: I am…

Jeremy: I’m a weird and crazy man. Ha, no, really…

Jeremy: I’m Jeremy Lee Sanchez.

Mara: Mara Ladines.

Jeremy: I am bold,

Mara: Creative,

Jeremy: Creative,

Mara: Optimistic,

Jeremy: Charismatic,

Mara: and a Fashion Designer.