The “My ASL Classifier Doodles Book” e-workbook includes 60 Doodle Templates (handshapes with different levels of challenges) that you can use again and again. Simply print them out, grab a pen or pencil and start doodling. Or, copy doodles into your favorite Paintshop program and doodle electronically. This is an activity for all ages to expand their unlimited visual imaginations using ASL classifier signs.Great visual exercises to help you or your students as follows:
– Think more creatively and brainstorm design ideas for ABC story, ASL story telling, ASL class activities and so on!
– Expanding Classifier techniques & skills in both sign receptive and expressive areas.
– Strengthen visual spatial to improve the ASL sign receptive
– ASL Classifier doodles even make a great party and class activity for any ages or any level of skills!
– Have fun!…