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1: What is Neutral Platform?

2: Introducing Ed Bosson

3: Question 1 (Video) Why does the government want to run VRS?

4: Question 2 (Twitter) @xoSheri – Why couldn't @fcc expand on existing rules on
interoperability and enforce instead of designing a whole new system? #OpenChatConvo

5: Question 3 (Facebook) John O'Donohue – Is neutral platform a 'baseline' where all the core components, APIs, etc be shared to all providers and these providers can add features and enhancements without breaking the baseline?

6: Question 4 (Twitter) @glennlockhart – Neutral VRS platform… Dial "711" or still via preferred provider? #OpenChatConvo

7: Question 5 (Video) What is the difference between FedVRS and Government VRS?

8: Question 6 (Facebook) Jack R Cassell – The FCC's latest action seems to put the cart before the horse. As the NP RFP is on the roll, where happens to the proposed Advisory Council by FCC where they would definitely have significant input on NP along with other FCC's plan?

9: Question 7 (Twitter) @xoSheri – @fcc's NCP RFP does not state who the system is being designed for, why? #OpenChatConvo

10: Question 8 (Twitter) @Lens4Arcia – How do we ensure a variety of VRS users (As a late-deafened adult, I use VRS with VCO) is involved in the design of the NP? #openchatconvo

11: Question 9 (Video) Sonny Wasilowski – Will premium, pay for features, be an option with NP?

12: Question 10 (Facebook) Kent Turner – Is neutral platform a step toward socialism? #OpenChatConvo

13: Question 11 (Twitter) @MPWithem – #openchatconvo How would you recommend the community be sure education about Neutral Platform is reaching people that may not know? #TSG

14: Closure