Turn on "CC" on lower left of the video to read captions of Jackie's ASL.

Learn about Jackie Roth and her experience in acting and producing "Sound and Fury." Great tips for hearing filmmakers and deaf professionals involved.

00:0400:58 Tell us a little bit about your background. Where were you born and raised?
00:5801:34 What was your deaf experience like growing up?
01:3402:17 What's your passion? Tell us a little bit about it.
02:1702:55 What do you believe it takes to get your foot in the doorway to success?
02:5505:39 What was your best learning experience in the field of acting?
05:3906:05 What's the biggest problem you've faced as a deaf actress?
06:059:39 Tell us about working on "Sound & Fury" as a film producer.
09:3910:30 Any advice for the deaf community involved in film?
10:3011:18 Any advice for deaf and hard of hearing women involved in film?
11:1811:24 Credits

Interviewed & Filmed by Jules Dameron on behalf of Deaf Women in Film.


All rights reserved, Deaf Women in Film 2011.