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Learn about Tia Albert, her experience in doing makeup and special effects and what she's learned from it. Great tips for hearing filmmakers and deaf professionals involved.

00:0400:22 Where were you raised?
00:2201:10 What were your parents like?
01:1001:50 How did you decide to be a makeup artist?
01:5003:29 What was it like when you got started working with makeup?
03:2904:49 Have you faced any obstacles in regards to being deaf?
04:4905:44 What's it like working in the industry?
05:4407:01 What is special effects makeup? What's it like working with it?
07:0111:44 What was one of the most awesome jobs you've had thus far?
11:4413:13 What type of makeup do you enjoy doing the most?
13:1315:12 Tia Albert's Advice to the Deaf Women in Film Community and DWIF Makeup Artists

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Filmed & Interviewed by Jules Dameron on behalf of Deaf Women in Film.

Captions by Jess Thurber of CaptionASL.


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