This is the personal interview with the Same Love in ASL team about the making of the music video and the goal of the #sameloveinasl video project. To see the full ASL Music Video, check this out:…

This Same Love in ASL project also includes a full version of the vignette seen in the ASL music video. Check it out!…

Voice translation by Bobby Loeffler and Kristy Steiner.

Transcript is provided and English subtitles/captions for the dialogue is available (just click on the CC button on YouTube screen).

Excerpt from the video:
"Hello. Since becoming involved in this project some people have asked me why did I get involved? For me personally that song is so meaningful and there are several factors leading to my involvement. One of them is the coming out process which for some people, coming out to be a great experience sharing and revealing who you are to friendly faces of family and friends who still love and accept you. Others come out and feel stifled they may even lose family and friends. My intent getting involved in this video is to give hope to those struggling to let them know the times and perspectives are changing and that it will work out and it gets better."

This video has been created to help promote marriage equality and awareness among members of the ASL and Deaf community. It is our hopes that we will receive permission from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis to use the original song in this ASL music video. No profits will come from this project- all that are involved in this project have volunteered their time and talent.

We need your help- we want Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, and Mary Lambert to see the video! Please share this link and encourage people to visit our Same Love in ASL Facebook page (don't forget to click Like) and/or check out the hashtag #sameloveinasl on Facebook and Instagram.

Filmed and edited by Summer Crider Loeffler, song translated by Bobby Loeffler and Jenica VonGarrel. Featuring Russell Harvard, Steven Nugent, Marilyn Nixon, and Violet Garberoglio.

If you are interested in seeing the original music video, here is the link to "Same Love" by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis:…