PSAC2014 Member Khadijat Rashid (Class of 1990) updates the Gallaudet community with upcoming milestones and a tentative timeline for the presidential search process.

Video description:

The video opens with a slide of the Gallaudet University logo on a white background. The logo has the words Gallaudet University in blue capital letters — Gallaudet appears in larger letters above the word 'university'. Above the word Gallaudet, two arc lines in buff that start from two different points above the 'G' and 'A', come together to one point over the 'T'. (Buff and blue are the school colors).

Professor Khadijat Rashid, a member of the Presidential Search Advisory Committee (PSAC) 2014, signs the vlog in ASL (transcript below). Dr. Rashid has brown skin and short braids. She is wearing a lavender-colored suit that has black piping trim on the edge of the lapel and along the pockets. Part of her white blouse shows underneath her jacket. She is also wearing a silver ring and earrings. Behind her is a brown screen background. Her demeanor is warm and relaxed. She also smiles periodically during the presentation. A banner identifying her as a member of the PSAC2014 appears about 10 seconds into her vlog presentation.

At 1:10 and again at 3:25 during Dr. Rashid’s presentation, the web portal address for the PSAC2014 is displayed at the bottom of the screen for five seconds:

At 3:55 during Dr. Rashid’s presentation, the email address for the PSAC2014 is displayed at the bottom of the screen for five seconds:

At 4:00, the video fades into the final images of a slide of the Gallaudet University logo on a white background with the PSAC web address followed by another slide with the Gallaudet University logo on the same white background but with the PSAC email address:


Greetings! My name is Khadijat Rashid. I am a member of the Presidential Search Advisory Committee, the PSAC2014.

As you may know, in November 2014 we hosted four open forums and an online survey. Over 250 attended our open forums and the archived webcasts will be available online shortly. The survey saw 882 participants and we have posted the results at our web portal:

Your comments and input have been included in the job description for the next President. The PSAC2014 is currently fine-tuning the position description. Our draft will be reviewed by the Board of Trustees in late December. Upon approval, we plan to post this in mid-January 2015. At that time, our search firm Bridge Partners will post the role publicly in a variety of appropriate channels. You, the Gallaudet community, will be invited to circulate the opportunity among your networks and to submit nominations.

During Spring 2015, we plan to hold preliminary interviews to narrow the candidate pool then recommend finalists to the Board of Trustees. With that, the PSAC2014 work will have concluded. The Board of Trustees will announce the finalist candidates and schedule campus interviews some time in late Spring.

You can find our tentative timeline at our web portal:

Throughout this search process, the PSAC2014 is committed to regular communication with the Gallaudet community. At any time, feel welcome to contact us with comments or nominations at

Thank you, and Happy Holidays.