Purple says Happy Thanksgiving to you with our Thanksgiving ABC Story!

The ABC Story 'Transcript':

A Yawns.

A Knocks on the door.

B Answers the door.

B Hello, good afternoon.

C Did you bring the cans?

C I have a bag of them right here.

D Come with me.

D They both enter.

E Notices a lot of food. Wow!

E Very proud of himself.

F Takes a few bites.

F No, no – that’s for family.

G He’s excited for the turkey.

G Takes a quick bite.

H One grabs a knife, the other a sharpener.

H He struggles to cut into the cold turkey.

I He has an idea.

I He can do it himself.

J Don’t be jealous.

J Ha, you’re the last to be served.

K Huh? Are people really coming over?

K Yes, I’m having a party!

L They’re really late.

L They’ll be coming later.

M Bastes the turkey.

M No, no, ME! I’ll do it.

N Let’s negotiate this.


O He gives up, shows his friend the timer, places it in the turkey.

P Presses the timer.

P They watch the timer tick.

Q The timer rings.

Q That was quick!

R Ready?

R Don’t forget the rolls.

S He opens the oven.

S He takes the tray of rolls out.

T He realizes something…It’s Tuesday!

T&U It’s not Thursday?

U Nope, not Thursday.

V So it’s just us two?

V Grabs two forks and starts eating.

W Takes a fork and hesitates to eat, we should go ahead and eat?

W Yes, don’t wait.

X We don’t need to?

X Y The time is now to eat.

Y Grabs the gravy and pours it on.

Z Drowns his finger in the sauce.

Z Delicious!!