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Sean: I like to tell people that how I see it is, we need to make time, not find time. The only time I really have for myself is in the mornings. I have to make that time for myself. 

Anna: If I were to get up at 6:30 in the morning, what would you call that? 

Sean: Oh yes, that’s a debate between us. If we get up at 6:30, I consider that a luxury. 

Anna: 6:30!

Sean: Even on a Saturday, getting up at 6:30 has me feeling like I lost several hours of the day already. 

Anna: 6:30 is so not called “oversleeping”. 

Sean: That’s where Anna differs. 

The only time I really have for myself is in the mornings. I have to make that time for myself.

I’ve begun to become frustrated with what people envision for Deaf children. We have to respond to, challenge, struggle with the medical view of Deaf people. We cannot simply become passive. We have to move forward with what we’ve been doing with our education, at a place like CSD. That’s what makes us really stellar in many ways.

One of my proudest moments with CSD was the developing and announcing of our new logo. Through collaborative work with Convo, Convo understood what we wanted to accomplish and the students understood that, too. The students took the lead and we were behind them, supporting them and facilitating the process until the completion of the logo. Again, this process was student-driven and that is what I’m really the most proud about. 

I started doing research on types of bicycles that could fit the way I ride. I found something that was like a lost knowledge. I adapted their design concept. There are people who can build a custom design of a bicycle to fit my specs. However, many of them rejected my proposal. One of them even said that it was too radical. So I decided to start up Rawland. 

It’s a beautiful synergy of machine and humanity. 

Morning, afternoon, night. That same routine runs on.

Anna: The first thing you always do when you get home is come up to me and give me a good hug. That’s when you know that ahh, you are home. You can let go. 

Sean: The role of Anna, my wife, in my life is my partner. Everything that you’ve seen from me, she’s not been behind it but by my side for it. 

Anna: Aw, I love you. 

Sean: We came up with this analogy a long time ago. We realized early in our relationship that I am like the kite that she holds on the ground. 

We can’t forget our dog, Esso! That’s short for his full name, Triple Espresso To Go. He always looks as if he’s caffeinated. 

I can become too obsessed towards the idea of perfection. But at the same time, I have to stop and ask myself, “What is perfect?” What I enjoy about being a perfectionist is that it means I have to change to achieve perfection. We need to adapt to keep moving. That's the one thing I've learned from that.

It comes down to sharing visions like that, sharing expectations at CSD, for me and my wife, and Rawland. It boils down to communication.

Celebrate, embrace and promote what we already have right in front of us.

My name is Sean Virnig. I am confident. I am comfortable. I am visionary.