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Directed by Adrean Mangiardi
Starring Sean Forbes and Jake Bass
Cameo Appearance by Artur "Arturo" Pinkhasov
Cinematography by Stefan Vardon
ASL Translation by Katie Fitzpatrick and Sean Forbes

Art Direction by Sean Forbes and Adrean Mangiardi

Song Credits:
(S. Forbes/ J.Bass)
Lyrics by Sean Forbes
Produced by Jake Bass for Boca J Music
Mixed by Steve King
Recorded at 54 Sound
Recording and Mix Engineers: Steve King, Kyle Resto, and Jake Bass
Mastered by Adam Ayan at Gateway Mastering
Published by Def Deaf Music (BMI)/ Boca J Music (BMI)/ Martin Affiliated LLC (BMI)
© 2012 Web Entertainment / D-PAN Entertainment


Music, Sean Forbes