Anindya (Bapin) Bhattacharyya, deaf-blind technology expert/consultant

Thursday, November 14, 2013, 12:30-1:45 p.m., Elstad Auditorium

Bhattacharyya shares, from both a personal and professional perspective, how technology provides independence, personal satisfaction, and professional success for many deaf-blind individuals.

Nowadays technology plays an important role in everyone's life including the deaf-blind population around the globe; something never imagined during Helen Keller's time. The presentation will focus on how technologies, i.e., computers and mobile devices such as iPhones with braille access, Global Positioning Systems, and communication devices have established a world on equal footing for disabled and non-disabled people. The presentation will also discuss how deaf-blind individuals are using these technologies to enhance their success and personal independence in terms of recreation, employment, and education.

Bhattacharyya leads a normal life with his a family—his deaf wife and hearing-sighted son. He owns a car driven by his wife and friends. He travels around the world independently or with companions. He commute to work daily on his own with help of his faithful dog guide, Walter.