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Watch Keith Nolan discuss two bills that are on the Congressional floor. The bills provide for a demonstration program for deaf and hard of hearing Americans to enter active duty and training to be officers in the United States Air Force. He needs your help to contact Congress with your support of these two bills!

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Video description and transcript:

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KEITH: Hello everyone! It is hard to believe that more than three years has gone by since I gave the TEDxIslay talk. It has been more than three years of hard work now that we have two bills on the Congressional floor – the S. 1864 bill introduced by Senator Tom Harkin (from Iowa) last December 2013 and the H.R. 5296 bill introduced by Congressman Mark Takano (from Riverside, California) just last month. The bills provide for a demonstration program for deaf and hard of hearing Americans to enter active duty and receive training to be officers in the United States Air Force.

I cannot say enough how thankful I am for Senator Harkin and Congressman Takano as well as the original cosponsors including Congressmen Waxman from California, Garamendi also from California, Van Hollen from Maryland, Delaney also from Maryland, and Congresswoman Tsongas from Massachusetts. There may be more cosponsors coming!

I also cannot forget the hundreds and hundreds of people who have been involved in making those two bills possible – Congressional members, staffers, active duty military personnel, veterans, lobbyists, attorneys, professors, researchers, advocates, and many more.

And, of course, I cannot forget you. I know you waited for information for the last three years, but you persisted and continued to give me support – all those three years. I couldn’t have gone this far without all of you. Thank you, thank you.

Since Congress is in recess for the month of August and will return in September — we will have a rally on Friday September 12, 2014 at Lafayette Park at the north lawn of the White House. We will begin to assemble there at 9am. We will then walk together to the United States Capitol where we will have rally speeches at 2pm. After the speeches, rally participants will go to their Senators and Representatives’ offices to share about the need for support for those two bills.

TEXT ON-SCREEN: (Map is shown) Rally at 9 AM. Presentations at 2 PM.

KEITH: There are two reasons why we're doing this rally: one is to raise awareness about those two bills – the S. 1864 and the H.R. 5296. And, secondly, to garner more allies from Congress. We want more Congressional members to support the demonstration program. Those are the two main reasons.

Remember we want this rally to be a positive experience for all of us. Please go to the rally and lend your full support to make the passage of this legislation a top Congressional priority!

For who? You! For our Country, Americans with disabilities, and for our past, present, and future military personnel!

I want to see you at the rally on Friday September 12, 2014. I will be there!

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