[Video description and transcript available below]

As we approach the end of the year, this is also the best time to donate! The NAD President encourages you to consider the NAD as an organization to support! Donate now at www.nad.org/donate.

Video description and transcript:

Video fades to soft blue and white background with the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) logo centered. Video fades to white then fades to Chris Wagner, NAD President, in the NAD Headquarters. The NAD logo appears as a light watermark in the bottom right.

CHRIS: Hi everyone! I'd like to take the time to thank people. After all, its the time of thanks. I want to thank the Board of Directors, the staff, committee members, and volunteers from all over the United States. Right now is a great opportunity for all of us to work together for a better America for deaf and hard of hearing people. Today, our work is not done. We're working hard on many important causes that lead us towards equality for all. Today you have the opportunity to support the work we do — you can donate to the NAD! Go ahead and make a difference in all of our lives. Thank you.

Video fades to the same soft blue and white background with the NAD logo centered. Black text below the logo appears, "A production of The National Association of the Deaf (copyright) 2014 All Rights Reserved"