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Meet the volunteers who serve on the NAD Board of Directors! Enjoy this brief teaser with all the individual Board members. Full length videos for the individual Board member is available on www.nad.org/about-us/board.

Video description and transcript:

Video fades to soft blue and white background with the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) logo centered. Video fades to white then fades to a title graphic "Who is on the NAD Board?" with a video recording template shown through out the video.


MICHELLE: Hello everyone!

ALICIA: Hi, I'm Alicia–

RICHARD: Richard–

JOSHUA: Joshua–

LARRY: Larry Evans–

CHRIS: Chris Wagner and currently, I'm the President of the NAD until my term finishes in 2016.

JERRY: I'm proud to be a Board member for Region III.

SHERRI: I represent Region IV.

JENNY: I'm one of the Region II Representatives. I work with the State Association and the members in Region II.

MICHELLE: I'm one of the Region I Representatives; I'm involved to make a difference for people in Region I and nation-wide as well.

MELISSA: My passion is really with the Diversity Strategic Team.

PHILIPPE: I'm very passionate about giving back to the community.

RICHARD: It's my fifth year as a NAD Board member.

CHRIS: I've been involved with the NAD Board for nine years! I enjoy being a part of the NAD.

PAMELA:I look forward to working closely with all of the organizations that are interested in joining the NAD.

STEVE: I really love our community and am on standby to offer any help I can give.

DAVID: It has been very inspiring to be a part of the NAD. I truly am excited to work with you.

MELISSA: If you're interested in joining a committee, feel free to contact us! Thank you.

Video fades to the same soft blue and white background with the NAD logo centered. Black text below the logo appears, "A production of The National Association of the Deaf (copyright) 2014 All Rights Reserved"