[Note: Video description and Transcript is below.]

Ms. Chanel Gleicher, the National Association of the Deaf's (NAD), very own Miss Deaf America, shares what she's done since April 2014 however, this is bittersweet because it is her last one as Miss Deaf America.


Video description and Transcript:

Video fades to soft blue and white background with the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) logo centered.

Video fades to white then fades to Miss Deaf America inside the NAD Headquarters' front lobby.

MISS DEAF AMERICA: Hi! How many of you are looking forward to NAD Conference this summer?! So am I! I have to admit though; I do have mixed feelings about the upcoming conference because of two reasons. For one, I am excited to participate in the YAP retreat right before the Conference, as well as meeting people and attending workshops during the Conference. Secondly, it is going to be bittersweet that I am completing my duties as the Miss Deaf America (MDA).Yes, my two-year reign as the Miss Deaf America has gone in the blink of an eye! This also means that this will be my last vlog as the Miss Deaf America.

Nonetheless, since February I have made several more appearances and I have done a lot of volunteering. I have had the opportunity to work at the Western Regional Deaf Academic Bowl and Mr. and Miss Deaf Teen America (DTA) Pageant at California School for the Deaf, Riverside (CSDR). Also, in April, I stayed with a host family for almost a week in Ventura, California. In exchange for room and board, I volunteered at their flower farm – weeding, gardening, and meeting adorable baby goats! I also gave a presentation to a group of ASL students at Pierce College in Los Angeles about the NAD and its youth programs. My most recent visit was supporting the showing of one of the ASL Films, "In The Can," hosted at CSDR.

Just because my two-year reign is coming to an end does not mean that I will stop volunteering or be involved in the deaf community. The experiences as Miss Deaf America have taught me a lot and helped me learn what I am passionate about – being involved and being an advocate for our community no matter where I am. I will always treasure the memories I have made, including new faces I have met and worked with.

I must thank the NAD for their everlasting support and this amazing opportunity. I would also like to thank you – the community – for being supportive during my two-year journey. Now, I am ready to let our new Youth Ambassadors lead the way for the next two years.

See you at the NAD Conference in Atlanta, Georgia this July!

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