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The NAD President Chris Wagner shares an update regarding the five NAD priorities (http://nad.org/about-us/priorities).


Video description and transcript:

Video fades to soft blue and white background with the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) logo centered. Video fades to white then fades to Howard A. Rosenblum, NAD CEO, in the NAD Headquarters. The NAD logo appears as a light watermark in the bottom right.

CHRIS: Hello! I’m Chris Wagner, President of the National Association of the Deaf (NAD). I’m thrilled to be standing here to give an update on the NAD’s five priorities.

First, I’ll start with Education. Now, in Vermont, as you may know, the school for the deaf closed. We will continue to work closely with the Vermont Association of the Deaf as well as alumni of the Vermont School for the Deaf, to help the state recognize the importance of having a deaf school in Vermont. There was another situation in Alaska where the NAD had some concerns about an appointment of a leader. Eventually, they decided to let that person go. Third, we’ve also expressed our concerns about a mainstreamed school using Morphemic Sign System (MSS). On top of all of that, the NAD staff is also working closely with the parents of mainstream students. So, the NAD has been making a lot of progress on that priority.
Second, another priority is the Preservation and Advocacy of Relay Services (PARS). The NAD staff continues to work closely with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to ensure that they recognize the needs of the consumers.

Now, third, another priority has to do with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Recently, we’ve appointed Neil McDevitt to become the chair of this committee. He will take the lead on gathering further information in regards to improving communication access with the FEMA system.

Fourth, another priority is Mental Health. We have an existing committee who will continue to advocate for awareness and support.

Now, the last priority is Youth. We’ve appointed a new chair for the Youth committee. The committee will focus on how the NAD can improve the Junior NAD program, Youth Leadership Camp (YLC), and all the different youth programs for all young deaf Americans!
And I must say we are very excited about the new Outreach committee and its progress so far.

Finally, I’d like to close with a few comments myself with regards to communication. Now, you’ve noticed that we have shown how we keep the NAD Board accountable which compels each Board member to communicate with the NAD members. Please continue to work with your state association and affiliate organizations to find out what the NAD has been up to. This is important because we encourage the NAD Board to frequently communicate with their leaders.

As President, I want to thank you for your ongoing support for the NAD. Again, thank you.

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