[Note: video description and transcript is below].

#NAD2014 Volunteer Coordinator Chris Johnson invites interested people to join as volunteers! Learn more at www.nad.org/2014atlanta/volunteers.

Video description and transcript:

Video begins with the NAD Conference Theme in American Sign Language (ASL).

Video dissolves to white then to Chris Johnson, #NAD2014 Volunteer Coordinator, standing in the lobby of the Hilton Atlanta.

CHRIS: Hello, I'm Chris, I'm the #NAD2014 Volunteer Coordinator that will happen this summer. We need many volunteers to help the entire week, June 29th to July 5th — the week is packed with great events! In addition to what we'll offer volunteers, you'll also have a great experience and will be able to meet new people. So, come on and sign up!

Video fades to the same NAD logo in green and peach before transitioning to the NAD logo in red and blue. Black text below the logo appears, "A production of The National Association of the Deaf (copyright) 2013 All rights reserved."