Juniper Sussman, one of the facilitators for the #NAD2014 Community Forum, shares further information about this great NAD@Night event.

Video description and transcript: Video fades to black background and white text, "NAD's First Ever Community Forum."

Video fades to Juniper Sussman standing in front of a blue background.

JUNIPER: Hello everyone! Welcome. I'm excited to share that this year the NAD will host its first ever Community Forum! My name is Juniper Sussman and I'll be working with Janis Cole for the Community Forum. This is a major opportunity for the community to come together to engage in a full and open dialogue. The discussion may be sensitive or difficult, but that's okay! This forum is great opportunity to come together, reflect, and share. It's important that everyone feels they can participate in this open and safe environment.

In order to make this possible, we need YOU. We need many facilitators to ensure the that all members feel that they can participate and contribute to the conversation. If you had this thought to yourself, I would like to facilitate, but I have no experience… Don't worry about that. We will be sending you information and tips. Additionally, we will provide a 2-hour training the day before the forum, to make sure you all feel comfortable and ready to help.

The Community Forum happens Wednesday night, July 2nd, 7-9 PM. Details about the training will be shared with you soon. Even if you're not a facilitator, we hope to see you there!

If you are interested in joining the facilitator crew, please contact me at cheri.sussman@gallaudet.edu. I'll be seeing you soon!

Video fades to black.