Want to learn more about Community Forum taking place during #NAD2014? Facilitators Janis Cole and Juniper Sussman take a moment to explain why you should attend. Register by May 31, 2014 at www.nad.org/2014atlanta!

Video description and transcript: Video fades to two women sitting down in front of a light green background.

BOTH: Hello!

JANIS: This summer at the NAD Conference in Atlanta, we are very excited to be hosting the Community Forum. This is Juniper Sussman, a CODA and an interpreter.

JUNIPER: And this is Janis Cole. She is Deaf, and an interpreter.

JANIS: The Community Forum is an opportunity for us to come together to discuss issues and concerns that are important to us. This will be a chance to bring up issues that we have not really had chance to delve into in the past.

JUNIPER: Exactly, we will share another video soon, with more details about the Community Forum. The event will take place Wednesday, July 2, 7-9 pm, please come join us!

BOTH: We are looking forward to it!

Video fades to black.