[Note: Video description and transcript is below].

Watch Brian talk about the NAD's exciting Conference to happen this summer! Learn about early registration deadline, what the combo registration includes, a new mobile app, and an online forum to find ways to carpool or split hotel room costs.


Video description and transcript:

Video begins with the NAD Conference Theme in American Sign Language (ASL).

Video dissolves to white then to Brian Lucas, standing in front of an orange and gray wall. White text appears next to Brian, "BRIAN LUCAS, NAD Supporter".

BRIAN: This year brings an exciting time for everyone because the NAD will host its 52nd Biennial Conference in Atlanta, Georgia during July 1-5. The theme is ((NAD Conference Theme in American Sign Language)). So, I wouldn't want you to miss out on this great opportunity!

Video transitions to white then to Brian again.

BRIAN: You'll want to take the opportunity to grab the Early Bird registration which ends March 31st. However, if you're not able to purchase by then, that's fine — the regular deadline for registration is May 31st. If you still haven't registered by then, that's fine — you'll have another opportunity at the Conference on Tuesday, July 1st. Registration will re-open then.

Video transitions to white then to Brian again.

BRIAN: I encourage you to consider getting a combo registration. It includes four events: the Opening Ceremony, [White text on screen: Opening Ceremony] College Bowl (CoBo) Finals [White text on screen: College Bowl], Panoramic Fireworks Bash [White text on screen: Panoramic Fireworks Bash], and the Youth Ambassador Program (YAP) Finals [White text on screen: Youth Ambassador Program]! If you decide not to buy a combo ticket, that's fine — we have non-combo registration available for people who want to go to selective events. You can see the list of events online to figure out which ones you want to go to.

Video transitions to white then to Brian again.

BRIAN: Conferences in general usually provide a printed program book. This year, when you register, you'll notice an option to choose between a printed program book and a mobile app! The mobile app is new and it shows you where the rooms are and allows you to receive last minute room changes or an alert, on the go! This is to support the purpose of being green!

Video transitions to white then to Brian again.

BRIAN: If you're concerned about costs involved with the Conference and carpool with someone or split a hotel room with someone, you can try using social media like Facebook or Twitter to find someone. However, if you still can't find someone, you can go to the Conference's website which will take you to an Online Forum. From there you can discuss possibilities with other people who are looking for the same thing as you.

Video transitions to white then to a gray background. A graphic shows a part of an online forum with "John Doe" with "Need a ride from Rochester, NY." Another graphic appears below, "Jane Doe" with "Needs a female roommate" and response appears below from "Fawn Joy" with "Cool! I'm looking too, let's talk!" Video then goes to white then to Brian again.

BRIAN: So go ahead and type in www.nad.org/2014atlanta [green text appears in front of Brian with the Conference URL]. You won't waste your time. I guarantee you'll take in so much from the Conference!

Video fades to the same NAD logo in green and peach before transitioning to the NAD logo in red and blue. Black text below the logo appears, "A production of The National Association of the Deaf (copyright) 2013 All rights reserved."