[Note: video description and transcript can be found below].

Are you interested in attending the Council of Representatives (COR) that will take place during #NAD2014 this Summer? Any individual, who is not a delegate, can attend the OGG Breakfast. At that breakfast, as a group, OGG can select up to 6 individuals to represent all individual NAD members during COR at the 52nd Biennial NAD Conference. This is your opportunity! #NAD2014


Video description and transcript:

Video begins with the NAD Conference Theme in American Sign Language (ASL).

Video dissolves to white then to Philippe Montalette.

PHILIPPE: Delegates either represent a State Association or an Organizational Affiliate. As an individual who is not a delegate, you have an opportunity to attend the OGG (Order of Georges and Georgettes) breakfast. People who are interested in attending OGG are required to have been a NAD member for 3 or more years. At OGG, you will have an opportunity to voice and discuss to decide who should represent OGG at the Council of Representatives (COR) sessions. OGG is your voice!

Video fades to the same NAD logo in green and peach before transitioning to the NAD logo in red and blue. Black text below the logo appears, "A production of The National Association of the Deaf (copyright) 2014 All rights reserved."