Sign Language Lessons – Super Bowl (ASL Snippets #20)
(Are you a new signer? Start with ASL Snippets #1)

Super Bowl 48 is Feb 2, 2014! This video will focus on some signs and concepts relating to the big game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos. There are a lot of ASL signs and concepts relating to football. This video does not cover them all. (it would be way too long!) But, by using a story format, you'll pick up a lot of the basic signs and concepts used in football. In addition to doing signs, I'm also demonstrating what is called "classifiers." Classifiers are descriptive handshapes. We'll continue to go more in-depth on classifiers. If there are signs in any of my ASL Snippets videos that you don't understand, please start from the beginning (the first video). I "scaffold" through the ASL Snippets series. In other words, I will use signs in later videos that I taught in earlier videos so that I'm not constantly re-teaching the same signs/concepts. So if you can't figure something out, go back to the beginning. Good luck! (WARNING – This video assumes you at least have a basic knowledge of football. Otherwise it may be a little confusing!)

Special thanks to Mackenzie Kelly for doing the voice-over. Check out her fitness website at –


American Sign Language is a very rich, complex, and unique language. To accurately learn ASL takes commitment and motivation. YouTube is FULL of videos by individuals who make "cutesy" little videos that show random signs and claim to be teaching "sign language." Most of them talk, talk talk, sign, talk, talk, talk, sign…. as a result, they are spreading wrong information about what ASL is and how it is used. Some examples – Melissa Schenk, Ryan Moriarty, Kate Maria, etc. Each of their videos have a lot of views, but for each one of them, the information they are spreading is wrong. And because each one of them gets paid for their videos, not only are they "teaching" a language that they know nothing about, they are also making money at the expense of the Deaf. Is it really that big of a deal? What do you think? A minority culture that is often discriminated against and their language treated like some "cutesy quasi-thing" that's not a "real language."

If you have watched and voted thumbs-up on their videos and subscribed to their channels, you're helping to encourage them to continue to take advantage of the Deaf and to wrongly profit off a language that they are teaching wrong. Please, UNsubscribe from them, vote thumbs-down, and leave a comment to encourage others to look for and support accurate sources. Then, take the time to find accurate videos. Ask the video makers where they learned and if they are qualified to teach.

Take a moment to vote thumbs-up and leave a positive comment on videos made by individuals who truly KNOW sign language. Subscribe to their channel and share their videos with others. Please help to actively spread the accurate use of ASL.

On behalf of the Deaf community and those of us who look to have our language, community and culture get the respect they deserve, I thank you.