From album: Signmark (2006)
Lyrics: Signmark & Mahtotapa
Translate: Sulava

A tribute to the poem "The Prayer of the Young" by Albert Tallroth
Toward a Land So Warm (Maahan Lämpimään)

the year is 2006
we aren't deaf and dumb anymore
a new chapter has begun
the time for humbleness has expired
too many words forced to be pronounced out loud
too many lovers drawn away from each other
deaf people have been gathered together
at this point in history
let's show our talents
let's put smiles onto people's faces
this is for all deaf and hearing people,
the samis, immigrants and swedish-speaking
we're not bowing to the narrow-minded
our journey continues to the next gig venue
everyone that has legs and an ass
my rhymes make them move
let's be mommy's little piglets
who'd be scared of the bad wolf?
we're still distant but not for long
that's why I singing

everyone can enjoy
while people are dancing
everyone can enjoy
rapping in sign language
everyone can enjoy
while people are dancing
everyone can enjoy
no more history

To you it's natural to watch me signing
but not many realize how little time has passed
since we reached this situation
now we're already touring the world
presidents and ministers in the audience nodding their wise heads at us
toasting sparkling drinks to us
now we're noticed by everyone
it's the result of hard work
nobody raises your head for you
but a good example may encourage others too
like Albert Tallroth in his time
whose poems wanted to
cleanse us by leading us to look for
bright ideals with all our might
the golden path toward a land
so warm of eternal happiness
I made the trip, I found it and
nobody is able to prevent me from staying
I took fate into my own hands although according to others
deaf people can't make music
so what is this then? our history hasn't been a sitcom
but times have changed
we aren't living like in the fields anymore
but more equal to others
you can see us dancing



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