From album: Signmark (2006)
Lyrics: Signmark & Mahtotapa
Translate: Sulava

The evening's come, who would want to sit at home?
yet another day of hard work has been left behind
I at least long for some fresh air,
entertainment, friends and celebration
and I'm sure that I'm not the only one
our working pace is already insane
employees are clamped onto their working benches
bosses hardly care whether their employees will survive or not
all this calls for relaxation
some fireworks into our dark weekdays
I want to set an example
when the beat kicks and the subwoofers
make your senses explode
from pressure to freedom
that's the reason why I'm doing this
so let's get our posse together again
and not save on food or drinks
but live like there's no tomorrow
and dance, there's nothing to worry about
when all my homies are around me
our worries get left behind

chorus: x2
it's time to party, let's be naughty
let's dance until morning
let's have fun, there's nothing we are missing
you can't have too much, you just need more of this
it's time to party, let's charge our batteries
let's dance until morning
let's have fun if you don't know what I'm talking about
turn up the volume because I can't feel anything

The speakers are pumping to the steady rhythm
the mood is festive as if a hymn was being played
let's just party
spend all our money
defy the forces of nature
let's bust like crazy
let's just chill and hang out
just like Kirka back in the days
this creates such a great feeling
the party goes on until morning
although you might not know sign language
just raise your hands into the air and wave
back and forth in this tempo and the party will fly into
the stratosphere somewhere beyond our consciousness
let's have hundreds of drinks
that will guarantee fun for everyone before
tomorrow dawns

let's dance side to side
and exchange our dna with the ladies mouth to mouth
because everyone seems so much prettier
as the night proceeds
strong bridges are being built again between friends
although we cannot always even remember where we were
together we'll win or lose
let's not let anything come between us



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