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Hello, my name is Signmark and Im the worlds first Deaf hip-hop artist to release an album through an international record label, Warner Music.

How does it feel to be the worlds first Deaf to release and album through an international record company?

Well, I get a lot of this question; people always ask me, how does it feel. What if you would be the first to do something like this? Imagine me being a young boy still at school dreaming to get where I am now. People told me to get a real profession and stop dreaming. Its quite unbelievable. I worked very hard to get here. Nobody believed that deaf and music could be put together at all or that a deaf person would ever be able to pursue a career in music. So maybe you understand how happy I am that Im here.

What are your own favourite songs on the new album?

Breaking The Rules has ten songs. I have two favourites. The Letter and Smells Like Victory. The Letter is about the international and tight signing community that lost one of their members very suddenly. A 20-year-old Signmark fan, from New Zealand, died in a very cruel way. We had been in contact with her via e-mail and then she was gone. I felt really sad and bad for her family and for the whole signing community, so I wrote a song to her. Her name was Emma.

Smells Like Victory then again is about wining against all odds. Its about achieving your goals even though some people might push you down and stand on your way. Its about having fun after fighting for the victory. Its about not caring that some people were staring at me and wondering what is this Signmark doing when they saw me signing.

What is your message in Breaking The Rules -album?

It's not a question of being deaf, hearing or having different religion or skin colour, because everyone has a right to strive for his or her dreams. No one has the right to define who is normal and who needs to change towards being more normal. Everyone should be respected the way they are! From the deaf perspective I would like to pay attention to equality e.g. at schools and in workplaces. For example through music I can make hearing understand more about the deaf culture. Watching the DVD and listening to my lyrics they might widen their perspective and understand the status of the signing community.

I want to show my art through signing. I want to inspire people to think that sign language is beautiful and cool. And when my audience sees me signing, maybe they can learn some signs too and want to be able to communicate with a few signs in restaurants etc. Through that I wish the sing language could spread out to new people. And then the deaf could feel proud to show the DVD and tell more people what has been done with this cool sign language.

When you are dancing, music has its own language and its power is to bring people together no matter that they might not have a mutual language.

Its very important to get Signmark on radio and on television, because when people see me signing they immediately understand what its all about. Reading a text about this isnt sufficient; you have to really see it so you can change the way you see the world.

Can I break the rules with you? How?

I dont want to break the rules alone, I want you to come and give me a hand. Bring your family and friends too. We need to change the world together. You can log on to the Internet and order the CD/DVD from there. You can give the CD to your friends or people at work etc. The language is spoken English so the hearing can understand. It also includes ten music videos that the deaf can enjoy. As bonus video material there is some footage from our shows in Hong Kong and my story on how I became an artist. Dont wait until tomorrow. The time is now! See you!


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Are you working for the media, an organisation for the deaf or human rights, educational field or have a lot of friends? If you were inspired and you want to use this material to show others what Signmark is about, dont hesitate to contact us and well give you a good-quality version of the interview and some clips of the music videos. We want the word out; Signmark is here to wake up the world to change! Lets keep the movement going.

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