An experimental underwater ASL Poetry video called, "Tell Your Story."

Special thanks to:

Pearlene Utley for coordinating this shoot and for feeding the crew with fresh and healthy snacks. She makes this woman happy.

Darrell Utley for being my Director of Photography and for wearing a wet suit while staying immersed in an icy cold water as I do my artsy fartsy thingy. You rock!

Sarah Himmelman (and her family) for letting us use her swimming pool, bathroom, dining room, and for simply crashing her place. You guys rock!

Brandon Carmedy for helping Darrell with lighting, filming, and all things that makes things run smoothly.

Sondra Chan who did make-up on me. I was super impressed with her patience as she kept on trying to make my fake eyelashes stick several times as it kept floating off in water.

My mom for looking after my son, Jace, while I was busy being immersed in a icy cold water.

This poem came to me in my dreams and I just had to do it. So glad I did and I hope you like it.

-Rosa Lee


Music, Rosa Lee Show