A Bilingual American Sign Language – English eBook

Acknowledgements: In fall 2013, a course supporting literacy among deaf children was offered simultaneously at Swarthmore College and Gallaudet University. The course at Gallaudet University was Bilingual E-Book Authoring: From Translation to Publication (DST 595), the course at Swarthmore College was Supporting Literacy Among Deaf Children (Linguistics 63). The eBooks in this series were made through collaboration between students, faculty, and administration at Gallaudet University and Swarthmore College.

The people who worked on this particular eBook:
Students: Joshua Beckman (the signer), Imran Hakamali, Abigail Henderson, and Maria Vieytez
Faculty: Gene Mirus and Donna Jo Napoli
Voiceover: Alan Cook
Makeup artist: Lauren Benedict
Makeup consultant: Christina Hopewell-Albert
Translation coach: Janis Cole